Melody Hues has been playing music since she was a child. Music has been her life and her livelihood. She has played in every setting imaginable from churches in California’s Central Valley to the streets of San Lis, France. Melody longs for her music to enter the ears and sink it’s way down into the hearts of her listeners. Melody’s only directive is to ease weary hearts through her medium of art to the point of transformation. If I could find one word to describe Melody Hues’ new album, Pure Gold, it would be: transformation. Let Pure Gold transform your heart and your mind. Let it permeate your being. Let it envelope you with it’s soulful and soothing tracks. Let it jolt your system back to life with it’s lyrical directives. Once you’ve heard Pure Gold in it’s entirety, you will not be the same. Expect profound and meaningful change. Expect your deepest longings to be satisfied. Expect transformation. To expect anything less will render you unprepared.